What is a crankshaft deflection indicator?


What is a crankshaft deflection indicator?

Welcome to this new “What is…” blog post. In this edition, you will read all about crankshaft deflection indicators. A crankshaft deflection indicator measures if there is any deflection on the engine’s crankshaft. Deflections are measured by detecting the misalignment of main bearings. Both horizontal and vertical misalignment are checked. In the past, a dial gauge was used for this process. This required much more time than modern type crankshaft deflection indicators.

Why use a crankshaft deflection indicator?

Since engines have a lot to endure, crankshaft deflections can occur over time. The repeated and continuous use of the crankshaft can facilitate that. This is a process and it can take a long time before any damage to the whole mechanism is detected. That’s why using a detection instrument like a crankshaft deflection indicator is essential in extending the mechanism’s lifetime. Deflections can be detected and corrections can be made in an early stage. This will eventually save a lot of time and money. Using a crankshaft deflection indicator such as the modern type Prisma DI-5 requires only a few minutes of your time. Though, it can extend the life of the mechanism for years.

How does a crankshaft deflection indicator work?

The device itself has a panel that can be used to select and change values shown on the display. These values can vary from the number of cylinders to the temperature. After selecting the right values for one cylinder, repeat for the next cylinder by moving the transducer. This can be done without any mechanical adjustments. Repeat for the number of cylinders you want to measure its deflection of. All this information can be transferred from the device to a computer, to be analysed or compared to previously collected data.

Prisma DI-5 deflection indicator

The Prisma Teknik DI-5 deflection indicator is one of the most modern types of crankshaft deflection indicators. To make it even easier for you to understand crankshaft deflection indicators and this specific type, we have made a YouTube video for you.

The Prisma DI-5 deflection indicator is delivered in a custom case. Inside this case you will find the following items;


We are specialized in choosing the right crankshaft deflection indicator for you. So please don’t hesitate to contact one of our specialists when looking for a crankshaft deflection indicator. They are there for all your questions and will make sure that you can make the perfect choice.

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