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Service has been a part of GMS Instruments’ foundation for the past 50 years, and we don’t intend to stop after reaching this half-century milestone. That’s why we proudly introduce GMS Instruments Rental. Your go-to rental service for measuring, regulating, or control equipment. Instead of purchasing expensive instrumentation, save by renting for a day, week, month or multiple years. GMS Instruments newest rental service enables you to rent instruments of our broad scope of supply in three different forms; Short Term, Long Term and Fleet Management. Momentarily we offer the possibility of renting various instruments, among which: Extech multimeters, forehead thermometer, peak pressure indicators, thickness gauges, crankshaft deflection indicators and more.

If your desired instrument not on the list of rental instruments, let us know, and perhaps we can add it to the list. We are trying to expand the list of rental instruments continuously. Your suggestions are appreciated.

Rental periods could be set at a day, week, month or longer. All rental periods can be started from Monday 09:00 till Friday 16:00 or office hours in between those two periods of time. Weekends are off charge. All rented instruments need to be returned the day as agreed upon before 10:00 in the morning.


Available products


Short Term Project

Whenever you’re hired for one single project or scheduled multiple maintenance tasks in a short period of time, mostly you’re required to use specific instrumentation that makes your work faster, easier and more reliable. The only downside is the cost of this instrumentation that you use only a brief period of time. That’s when Short Term Project rental is made for you.

By renting your instrumentation, you don’t only save cost, but you’re guaranteed of the newest instrumentation, professional advice, personal instruction, compliant instruments for the job and pickup/redelivery (see terms). Discover if Short Term Project rental could help your business.

Long Term Project

Can’t finish maintenance or inspection within the month, or just need more testing? We’ve got Long Term Project rental for you. Besides all the benefits you get with the Short Term Project rental, you’ll always receive an included and authentic calibration certificate by the rented instrument. This guarantees you accurate and precise measurements due to NMi standards.

Also extra in our Long Term Project rental service is maintenance on instrumentation. Nothing comes in more inconvenient that rented equipment that breaks down. Therefore we take full care of the maintenance of your instrumentation. Discover if Long Term Project rental could help your business.

Fleet Management

Large quantities, spreading of investment or continues measurement needed? Fleet Management is here for you. Besides the benefits of Short- and Long Term rental, you will be placed in direct contact with your personal fleet manager. This personal manager will control and keep an overview on all you’re rented instrumentation and will control and maintain a service planning.

Downtime will belong to the past with a tailored stock composed to your fleet of instrumentation and available at all times. Is an instrument up for calibration/ certification it will be swapped with a similar product until this needs to be serviced. This is how we create a constant fleet of circulating, top condition instrumentation.

*pickup and redelivery service is available at €0.50 per kilometre, starting from the GMS Instruments warehousing address. The route is calculated by the fastest route to the destination.


To discover the instruments that are momentarily available for rent download the list of rentals, or contact our sales representatives.
We’re updating our list of rentable instruments as frequently as we can. This could mean your desired instrument is not (jet) on the list of available instruments. Send us an email at with the needed instrument and period of time of rent and we contact you ASAP. With your suggestions we let our list grow!
We offer a pickup and delivery service for nearly all instruments that are available for rent. For this service, an extra charge of €0.50 per kilometre upon the rental price will be placed. This extra (optional) fee will be calculated based upon the fastest route to the location of pickup/ delivery starting from GMS Instruments warehouse.
New customers to GMS Instruments make a down payment of 20% of the value of the rented equipment. The rental fee, minus down payment, will have to be paid cash when returning the instrument.

Rental is all about flexibility, that’s why we understand if a project is finished earlier or even took you longer you looking for flexibility from us. That’s why instrument rental periods can be shortened or extended in consultation with our Sales Representatives
All our instruments are meant to be used, and when you uses something things can break down. No worries. Depending on the rental option you have chosen we will replace the rented instruments so downtime is spread. Afterwards, the instrument will be taken to our Service Center. Did it broke down by the renter’s fault, the amount will be deducted from down payment for new customers?.Or the renter will be charged at actual cost to existing customers.

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