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The objective of QMI has always been to provide reliable, innovative, proven equipment giving value to the user.

Quality Monitoring Instruments Ltd (QMI) has been at the forefront of engine and machinery space fire protection for more than 37 years. The QMI Atmospheric Oil Mist Detection System is used to identify Oil Mist in confined areas such as engine rooms, pump rooms, bow thrusters, purifier rooms, hydraulic pack areas and test cells. The QMI Engine Oil Mist Detection System is used to identify increased levels of Oil Mist in Engine crank spaces. All QMI equipment is designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom to ISO 9001:2015 standards.

Systems are upgradeable to the latest specification, regardless of age and have a built-in diagnostic program to detect system errors. Triplex and Multiplex monitors incorporate a ‘traffic light’ system on each channel to ensure that operators know at first glance if there are hazardous concentrations of oil mist.

QMI is also the exclusive UK wholesale distributor for Kari-Finn float switches, designed to detect and control wastewater levels, liquids generated by industry, liquids with varying degrees of viscosity, liquids in wells, pump systems and tanks.

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