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Innovation is by the new generation

Supporting Uni’s, institutes and other programmes globally

At GMS Instruments, we believe universities are crucial for driving innovation and shaping the future. We are committed to supporting academic institutions by providing advanced instrumentation technology to help with research and development.

We work closely with universities, research institutes, and knowledge projects worldwide, offering a wide range of advanced instrumentation technology. Our goal is to ensure researchers have access to the latest tools, empowering them to push the boundaries of knowledge and innovate in their fields.

One example of our collaboration is with TU Delft hydromotion team, where our Riken Keiki GX-3R gas detectors are used to detect hydrogen. These detectors are important for ensuring the safety and efficiency of hydrogen in their mission to create the first hydrogen powered vessel, contributing to the university’s leadership in sustainable energy solutions.

We also partner with the UMC, supplying SEMA calibration gas to maintain the accuracy and reliability of gas detection equipment. This collaboration highlights our commitment to supporting healthcare research and ensuring high standards of safety and precision.

At GMS Instruments, we recognize the importance of collaboration between industry and academia for driving innovation. By providing universities and research institutions with access to cutting-edge instrumentation technology, we aim to facilitate breakthroughs and advancements that make a lasting impact on society.


Hydrogen innovation

New wave at the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge

GMS Instruments is since 2021 a partner of the TU Delft and its Hydromotion team. In 2021 the team built the world’s first flying hydrogen boat! Last year’s team even became World Champions of the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge in the Open Sea Class. 

This year, the team will take the next step in bridging the gap between “technology of the future” and the current norm by implementing the newest technologies. In just one year they will design, build and sail an innovative next-level foiling hydrogen-powered boat. To put the boat to the test, we will sail between the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. The team will become the first ever foiling hydrogen-powered boat that crosses the North Sea from the Netherlands to the United Kingdom.

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