Instrumentation for Zoo’s

Protect and preserve complex ecosystems with temperature and pressure measurement

In the realm of zoo management, prioritizing the safety and comfort of animal residents is paramount. GMS Instruments, a leading provider of precision equipment, specializes in delivering, maintaining, and advising on crucial instrumentation for, among other industries, zoos.

Navigating the intricate landscape of zoo instrumentation can be overwhelming, but GMS Instruments offers expert advice to simplify the process. Whether zoos need assistance selecting thermometers for specific enclosures or insights into the latest (digital) pressure gauge advancements, GMS Instruments’ experienced team is ready to help zoos make informed decisions.

Service and Calibration

Precision is non-negotiable in maintaining a safe zoo environment. GMS Instruments goes beyond delivery and maintenance by providing top-notch service and calibration solutions. Accurate calibration of thermometers, pressure gauges, and other instruments is crucial for reliable data collection. GMS Instruments’ service and calibration expertise ensure every instrument functions at its best, contributing to the overall safety of zoo inhabitants.

Protecting the Zoo's ecosystems

PT-100's in Blijdorp Rotterdam

Have you spotted the custom-made TUVO Instruments PT-100 resistance thermometers for Blijdorp Zoo in Rotterdam? These instruments are crucial in monitoring the ecosystem within ‘The Oceanium,’ one of the zoo’s prominent attractions.

Situated in the heart of Rotterdam, Blijdorp Zoo is a leading conservation institution dedicated to the well-being of diverse animal species. ‘The Oceanium’ stands out as a marine wonderland within the zoo, offering visitors an immersive experience into the fascinating world beneath the waves. This sprawling exhibit replicates various aquatic environments, housing an array of marine life, from vibrant coral reefs to mysterious deep-sea creatures.

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