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Liquid en Fluids Testing

Whether it is ballast water, sewage water or fuel, liquid testing is a critical part of the maritime and industrial sector. With the extended testing assortment of GMS Instruments, you will always perform your liquid and fluid testing safely, correctly and by the correct regulations.

Water testing

Testing both the water you dispose and the water you take is an essential and, in some cases, regulated process. The most familiar water testing on board of vessels is ballast water testing. As official distributor of CMT, we offer high-quality and US coast guard approved ballast water test kits, rapid ballast water test kits, sewage water test kits and marine portable water test kits. For more information about ballast water, please read our blog, or contact our specialist for advice.

Oil and fuel testing

We offer easy-to-apply and reliable solutions to test the fuel you are bunkering or the oil running through your engine. A representative oil sample will accurately represent the contaminants, additives, oxidation, particulates and wear condition of your bunkering fuel. With this information, you can guarantee quality and prevent damage to, for example, your engine.

For more information about liquid and fluid testing or advice on your needs, please contact our specialists.

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