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Flow systems

Although their small in size, their performance is big! The innovative SITRANS FC flow systems are top of the bill in compactness, precision and speed.

Reduce skid size, fit multiple units into tight areas and minimize costs with the sitrans flow meters, tailored for direct integration into machine control systems. For applications requiring high-level performance, choose the advanced FC330 with market-leading standard and density accuracy and a fully graphical and customizable display.

Coriolis systems

The Coriolis effect is a driving force behind the outstanding performance of SITRANS FC-line flow meters. Two balanced metal pipes are set vibrating. A driver coil ensures this in the central section. The flux is measured precisely by two pickups at the inlet and outlet of the Coriolis system. If liquids or gases flow through the pipes, a phase shift occurs, like a water hose. The pickups measure the spatial and temporal displacement. This determines the amount of liquid or gas flowing through the tubes.

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