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Pneumatic Hand Pumps

Pneumatic hand pumps serve as pressure generators for the testing and calibrating of mechanical and electronic pressure measuring instruments. The pneumatic hand pump creates a comparative measurement calibration which can be applied inside laboratories, workshops, or on-site at the pressure instrument to be tested.

Exact and reliable pressure measurement is an absolute must, considering that pressure is the most commonly measured force. But various pressure instruments such as sensors, transducers and gauges can start to drift over time. This can not be prevented, resulting in false reading, damages or downtime. 

The calibration of pressure instrumentation with handheld test pumps allows deviations to be measured and formalised in a calibration certificate. Pleas note that a valid testing certificated after calibration of the test pressure instrument is not provided by the handpump. For a certified calibration, please contact our service center.  

Pneumatic hand test pumps

Air is used as pressure media for the calibration with pneumatic hand pumps. By working the levers on the pump, pressure is built up. Depending on the model, the amount of appliable pressure can differ from -1 bar (negative pressure) up to 60 bar

SIKA‘s pneumatic handheld test pump is an easy to use handpump. The pneumatic hand pumps are suited for using and calibrating pressure sensors, pressure gauges, pressure switches, safety valves and all types of pressure devices.

For more information about handheld pressure pumps, feel free to reach out. Our specialists will help to support your process. 

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