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Pressure Calibration

With a broad assortment of pressure controllers, pressure indicators and pressure calibration kits, we have a solution to every pressure calibration need.

While both processes and measuring instrumentation get more advanced and sophisticated, retaining accuracy and control over the process is essential. When a pressure calibration is performed, a comparison between the output of the pressure gauge and an instrument with higher accuracy. Inaccuracies of the pressure instrumentation can lead to downtime and damage, so pressure calibration is critical to check and adjust the accuracy of all pressure equipment applied to prevent damage.

The correct pressure calibration tool/kit

When it comes to pressure calibration tools, there is no one fits all tool. Well, until recently. At GMS Instruments, we have developed a special and unique marine calibration kit, including all pressure calibration tools needed on-site. With the marine calibration kit, you are set to perform temperature and pressure calibrations onboard vessels or on land. Included are, among others, a digital pressure gauge, temperature calibration block, calibration hand pump, adapter sets and more.

In search of a smaller and hand-size pressure calibration kit, discover the TUVO Instruments pressure calibration kit. In this kit, you get all the tools to perform a field pressure calibration. 

Whether you’re calibrating pressure devices in the field or need a certificate calibration out of our service center, GMS Instruments is your partner. For more information about calibration, visit our service center.

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