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TLS-S Vibrating level switch

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Process temperature -40...200°C
Density of the medium ≥ 500 ... 2,500 kg/m³
Operating pressure -1...100 bar [-14.5 ... +1,450 psi]
Switching delay 1 ... 20 seconds (adjustable)
Explosion Protection IP66/68
Max. switching power DC 30 V / 5 A

Elevate your monitoring capabilities with the latest addition to our product lineup – the vibrating level switch from the TLS product series. This versatile device, suitable for all liquids, excels as overflow and dry-run protection for pumps, containers, and pipelines. The newly introduced vibrating level switch ensures a stable and reliable level detection, free from interference caused by flow, foam, vibrations, deposits, or solid particles in the medium.

Tailoring our product range to meet your unique needs, the vibrating level switch is available in three specialized variations:

  1. Standard Version (TLS): Ideal for the process industry, this version provides reliable level detection in diverse settings.
  2. Explosion-Protected Model (TLS-S): Opt for this variant when additional safety measures are required in hazardous environments.
  3. Compact Design (TLS-C): Perfect for applications with limited space, this model offers the same high-level performance in a compact form.
  4. Hygienic Version for Food and Pharma (TLS-H): Designed for industries with strict hygiene standards, this version ensures a reliable solution for food and pharmaceutical applications.

Discover the next level of precision in level detection with WIKAs’ vibrating level switch, expanding our product range to meet the evolving demands of various industries. Whether you require standard functionality, explosion protection, compact design, or hygienic applications, our vibrating level switch offers a stable and reliable solution, ensuring seamless operation even in challenging conditions.

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