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Right from Mads Clausen’s first inventions, Danfoss has been devoted to developing innovative products that meet the customer’s needs for today and tomorrow. It all started with the expansion valve to regulate refrigeration systems. It continued with one of the world’s first radiator thermostats to regulate heating and the world’s first mass-produced frequency converters for the speed control of electric motors.

Today, Danfoss has close to 50 different product lines and invests around 4% of its net sales in new and innovative products capable of saving the world enormous amounts of energy and CO2 – e.g. in food refrigeration, air conditioning, heating buildings, regulating the speed of electric motors, and in powering mobile machinery. GMS Instruments is a specialist in Danfoss valves, pressure– and temperature instruments.

GMS Instruments has an extensive stock of Danfoss instrumentation directly available for shipping. Request your sensors, transmitters, and switches directly at one of our specialists. Or contact us for personalized advice regarding your process and needs.

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