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Instrument Valves & Manifolds

instrument valves and manifolds come in many different sizes and forms, all dependable on the needs and requirements

The way pressure measuring instruments will be mount on a process depends on many different factors, such as the environment and situation the measuring device needs to mount to the process. Another factor to take in mind is the type of process the measuring instrument need to be connected. Instrument valves and manifolds provide you with to solution to these factors.

Instrumental valves serve the purpose of disconnecting measuring instruments on a process to prevent damaging or polluting the measuring instrument, without the need of taking off the measuring device. There can be numerous reasons to install an instrument valve directly to the process; one of the reasons can be: a chemical composed process, high temperatures, or pressure fluctuations.

Manifolds ensure shutting-off impulse lines, deflating a process, and create a fixed zero pressure point. Manifolds come in many different sizes and forms, all dependable on the needs and requirements for each unique process and installation wishes.

GMS Instruments is an official distributor of instrument valves and manifolds of AS-Schneider, WIKA and Danfoss.

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