Riken Keiki

Riken Keiki

At Riken Keiki, they pledge to ensure the safety of the public in working environments

Riken Keiki is a Japanese company founded in 1939. Over the years Riken Keiki has established itself as a world leader in gas detection and environmental measurement products. Riken Keiki continues to refine the technologies developed through their history while investigating and improving the quality and technical capabilities of the products they provide. Riken Keiki instruments are designed and manufactured to respond to diverse industrial requirements and applications. Customers rely on them to detect and prevent disasters rapidly and precisely.

New product development involves the continual improvement and refinement of existing products, as well as active collaboration with its customers as a matter of course. At Riken Keiki, they pledge to ensure the safety of the public in working environments. In light of this, Riken Keiki has a zero-tolerance for compromises in quality in any manufacturing process.

It can be challenging and demanding to satisfy the necessary conditions for precisely ensuring that a facility or system is completely free of gas leaks. Riken Keiki can produce high-quality goods through its R&D department, the production technologies of its manufacturing sites, its services to provide accurate information to all customers, and its no-compromise attitude.


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