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Gas Detection


When lives are at risk, no risks can be afforded

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Gas Detection

When lives are at risk, no risks can be afforded

Since the discovery of the harmful effects of gases on human beings, the development of gas detection has taken huge steps ever since. Gas detectors can be used to detect flammable gasses, toxic gasses, oxygen gasses, and other types of gases.

Gas instruments, both portable and fixed gas detection systems, are so integrated into everyday use within the maritime, industrial and offshore industry that you can not imagine any process without proper gas detection equipment.

GMS Instruments has a variety of gas detectors. Tell us your gas challenge, requirement, or installation is, and we will provide you with the best solution.


With over 30 years of experience in gas detection instruments and test gasses, GMS Instruments has been a trusted distributor and service partner of the worlds largest and most innovative detection brands. Brands that are being officially represented are Riken Keiki, Air Products, BW Honeywell, Crowcon, Dräger, Komyo Kitawaga, Lion, MSA, UNIPHOS, and Servomex.

Gas detection service

GMS Instruments is an official and authorised service partner of Riken Keiki, BW Honeywell, MSA, RAE. Our Service Technicians are all factory schooled and educated. This means your detection equipment will be serviced with original spare parts only and an official, international traceable certificate of gas detector calibration and maintenance.

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