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Renewal of Riken Keiki distributorship and service partner


Riken Keiki distributorship

With proud GMS Instruments announces that the Riken Keiki distributorship is extended, which means that GMS Instruments stays an official distributor for Riken Keiki regarding all portable gas detectors, fixed gas detectors, accessories and services.

Gas Detectors

After three years of a distributorship, both parties agreed on continuing its partnership. We are pleased by appointed as Riken Keiki distributor again so we can represent the great new technologies that are flow-through from Japan. For instance, the new Riken Keiki GX-3R and GX-3 PRO which are the successors of the best selling GX-2009 portable gas detector. Both the GX-3R and GX-3R PRO have been made smaller and lighter without losing any of its characteristic features. They are now the smallest and lightest personal gas detectors available on today’s market.


But also our Riken Keiki service partnership has been renewed, which means that factory-trained engineers work on your gas detection equipment, no matter the type, fixed or portable, with original spare parts only. Official certificates will be provided by portable gas detection calibration. Due to this official Riken Keiki service partnership is how quality standards and safety can be maintained and guaranteed.

Curious how we can support in your new Riken Keiki gas detector of Riken Keiki gas detector calibration? Feel free to reach out.

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