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Hydraulic hand pumps

Hydraulic hand pumps serve as pressure generators for the testing and calibrating of mechanical and electronic pressure measuring instruments. The hydraulic hand pump creates a comparative measurement calibration. Due to the higher accuracy of the digital pressure gauge mounted on the hydraulic hand pump, the deviation of the to-be-tested pressure instrument can be compared. This type of calibration can be applied inside laboratories, workshops, or on-site at the pressure instrument to be tested.

Please note that the hydraulic handheld pressure pump does not provide a calibration certificate after calibration. For certified calibrations, please contact our service center.

Hydraulic pressure pumps

Water and oil are used as pressure media with a hydraulic pressure pump. In comparison, a pneumatic pressure pump uses air as pressure media. Hydraulic hand pumps are capable of reaching high-pressure ranges. With their built-in reservoir for the hydraulic fluid, a pressure amount of 700 bar to 1.000 bar is easily reached depending on the model.

Test pumps and pressure generators are suitable for testing, adjusting and calibrating pressure sensors, pressure gauges, pressure switches, and all types of pressure devices.

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