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Shut-off valve

Shut off valves are designed to safely regulate and control the flow of hazardous fluids, air or external gases running through a process. Shut off valves are applied to block compressed air in an industrial automation process or isolate sub-systems when pneumatic applications are not in use. This type of valve could also be known or referred to as; a lockout valve, cut off valve, a shutdown valve, an emergency shutdown valve, a ball valve, or an exhausting ball valve.

Your shut off valve

When requesting a shut-off valve for your process, you need to make sure it suits your industry or function. Therefore, a few questions must be answered by selecting the correct valve; What type of shut off valve is needed, what connection, what material and what type of handling.

For instance, shut-off valves for maritime applications will be, in most cases, made out of bronze due to the salty air. If fire prevention is an important aspect, then a valve with a fire safe will be needed.

Questions about shut off valves or your required valve? Our specialists are happy to assist in selecting the proper option for your process. As the official distributor and service partner of AMOT, we’re ready to act swiftly.

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