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The Dutch railway network, with over 7,000 kilometres of rail lines and more than 400 stations, is renowned as a model of efficiency and innovation. The Dutch Railways (NS) have created a reliable and punctual public transportation system through advanced technologies and continuous modernization.

The NS utilizes sophisticated systems like automatic train control and digital ticket sales alongside sustainable initiatives like train electrification. These efforts underscore a commitment to modernity and environmental awareness. Advanced measuring instruments play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation of this complex endeavour. GMS Instruments, a leading provider of high-quality manufacturers of measuring equipment, offers products specifically relevant to railway companies.


Railway infrastructure is exposed to constant stress from train movements and weather conditions. GMS Instruments provides monitoring systems that measure temperature and vibrations. These systems alert operators to potentially harmful conditions, enabling proactive maintenance.

Safety is paramount in the railway sector as well. GMS Instruments offers portable gas detectors to rapidly and accurately measure the presence of hazardous gases. This allows personnel to respond immediately to emergencies and ensure the safety of both employees and passengers.

The use of ultrasonic thickness gauges for regular inspection and maintenance is essential for the safety of railway equipment. GMS Instruments’ ultrasonic thickness gauges provide a non-destructive way to measure the thickness of materials such as rails and wheels, allowing for timely detection of wear.

ProRail & Strukton

Verbeterprogramma Zee - Zevenaar

GMS Instruments plays a supplying role in ProRail’s initiative to enhance rail freight transport in the Zee-Zevenaar region by supporting contractor Strukton with instrumentation. As a supplier of pressure sensors and O-rings, we contribute to infrastructure, logistical, and organizational optimizations executed by Strukton. The program, managed by the Improvement Program/Integrated Program Team Freight (‘IPT’), is developed in collaboration with ProRail, the sector, and IenW. It extends until the end. GMS Instruments takes pride in its role as a strategic partner and looks forward to a positive impact on the rail freight transport sector.

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