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The thermowell is the wetted part of the thermometer that is in direct contact with the process. Thermowells also referred to as protection tubes, are used with demanding operating conditions in solid-machined versions from bar stock material and fabricated versions with a tubular design.

Essentially, thermowells are divided into protection tubes constructed from welded tubes and thermowells made of drilled barstock material.
Nine out of ten times, thermometers cannot be inserted directly into the medium but need protection from rough or aggressive process conditions.

Another benefit of the thermowell is that it ensures a broken or ready-for-service thermometer can be withdrawn or replaced without interrupting the process.

GMS Instruments represents premium thermowell manufacturers in WIKA and TUVO Instruments. Nearly all thermowell types can be produced to customer specifics regarding insert length and width. For more information or personal advise contact our sales specialists.

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