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Valve Service Kits

Valves are heavy-duty, robust and, in some cases, heavy instruments. That does not mean that they need service and inspection once in a while. The better your valve is maintained, the smaller the chances of downtime, failure, or energy loss. The parts within a valve to take care of are the soft parts. Soft parts include O-rings and gaskets. Therefore valve service kits are ideal when servicing or overhauling your valves.

Use the valve service kits on the recommended service interval provided by the manufacturer or own maintenance schedule. We recommend servicing your valve at least once every three to five years. Signals for valve service are:

  • The output of fluid from the valve varies by more than 2°C from the control temperature
  • The system takes significantly longer to reach operating temperature than normal
  • The valve has been exposed to higher temperatures than recommended
  • The valve or equipment has been idle for long periods of time
  • The maintenance schedule is unknown or has not been followed

The valve service kits contain original spare parts provided by the manufacturer, such as AMOT. So is your AMOT valve up for service or repair, use the valve service kit.

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