Diaphragm Seals

By using diaphragm seals, pressure measuring instruments can be adapted to even the harshest of conditions within process industries. A Diaphragm made of the appropriate material separates the medium to be measured by the measuring instrument. By connecting the measuring instrument via diaphragm seal, even the most complicated measuring requirements can be met:

  • Use at extreme temperatures or temperature fluctuations
  • Measurements in aggressive, corrosive, highly viscous, heterogeneous or crystallising media
  • Process connection which is either free of dead spaces or where dead areas are reduced
  • Hygienic connection to the process
  • Integration of pressure and temperature measurement into one measuring point
  • Additional safety barrier for explosive or toxic media


GMS Instruments is a proud and exclusive dealer of all WIKA Diaphragm Seals in the Benelux.