Flow and Level

To monitor processes flow and level measurements are essential. For example, for gaining insight into the efficiency of a system, it is necessary to know (among other aspects) what the input and the output are. But these measurements are also necessary to monitor waste substances. Furthermore, there is a need to record the delivery and procurement of raw materials to the entire business.


Depending upon the principles on which flow and / or level measurement are based, there are various instruments that can be chosen.

For level detection, for example, a float switch may be used, also known as the Mobory switch. The operation of this switch is based on the mutual repulsion of two magnets. The float is mounted on a pivoting shaft, on which a permanent magnet also is mounted. The same magnet is mounted in the switching section, opposite the magnet on the float. The poles of the two magnets are placed opposite each other in such a way that they repel each other through the flange.

GMS Instruments has a wide range in the area of flow and level measurements. Tell us what your flow and / or level challenge is and we will do the rest. GMS Instruments is specialised in the following product categories:

  • Level measurement equipment
  • Level measurement based on the buoyancy of the liquid (float, displacement)
  • Level measurements based on the electrical properties of a liquid (conductivity and capacitive)
  • Ultrasonic level detection
  • Venturi tubes
  • Electromagnetic
  • Vortex
  • Doppler-effect
  • Oval gear meters
  • Turbine flow meters


GMS Instruments is a proud and exclusive dealer of some of the world's most renowned flow and level equipment producing companies such as: