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TW-1 Straight thermowell with fixed thread

These thermowells are made in Rotterdam. The close proximity to the port and flexibility makes TUVO a great option when speed, flexibility and quality are required. Thermowells made by TUVO are also an economical option, as they always keep innovating their production facility to ensure low prices.

Price and delivery time will be given on request
Connection options Plain stem, sliding or fixed thread connection, flanged connection.
Diameter From 6 mm up to 15 mm.
Length From 40 mm up to any reasonable length.

Thermowells are particularly suitable for applications
in which the measuring instrument is to be mounted
directly into bored holes (e.g. in machine components)
or directly into the process but there is a chemically
aggressive medium or abrasion present in the process.
The thermowell will protect the measuring instrument
from the aggressiveness or abrasion and therefore
ensure a longer lifetime for the instrument.

Another main advantage of using a thermowell is that in case
of a failing sensor or thermometer, the instrument can
be removed without interrupting the process. This
decreases downtime and increases overall efficiency
in the process.

These thermowells are made in Rotterdam.

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