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Why temperature calibration

Ensure repeatability, safety and accuracy with regular calibration and official certification

Temperature calibration may not be something you think about daily, but it is a necessary process that helps ensure temperature measurement accuracy. Temperature calibration is the process of adjusting a temperature measuring device to agree with a standard reference temperature. Devices that need temperature calibration include thermometers, temperature switches, temperature sensors, thermostats, transmitters and PT100s.

Temperature calibration is necessary because even the best temperature-measuring devices will drift out of accuracy over time due to the ageing of the device and changes in the environment. For example, a thermometer might be calibrated at 20 degrees Celsius in a laboratory, but when installed in a process at 100 degrees Celsius, the thermometer might read 102 degrees Celsius. In this case, the thermometer needs to be recalibrated at the new temperature.

At GMS Instruments, we specialize in temperature calibration and can help calibrate your thermometers, temperature switches, temperature sensors, thermostats, transmitters and PT100s. We understand the importance of accurate temperature measurement and are dedicated to providing the best possible service. Contact us today to learn more about our temperature calibration services.

Why do temperature calibration at GMS Instruments

GMS Instruments is the official service HUB for many of our represented brands. All our engineers are factory trained by WIKA, SIKA, or TUVO Instruments and more. With our renovated service center in 2023, our in-house facility’s instrumentation and pressure calibrators are state-of-the-art and guarantee high accuracy. Every pressure calibration report provides international traceable certification. Ask our specialist for more info.

  • Official service partner
  • Factory trained technicians
  • International tracable certificates
  • Newest Tradinco, Fluke and WIKA calibration equipment
  • Usage of original spare parts only

Thermometer calibration

In order to produce accurate and precise measurements, thermometers must be regularly calibrated. This process involves comparing the readings of a thermometer to those of a known reference standard. The thermometer must be adjusted accordingly if the readings differ by more than a small margin. Thermometer calibration is essential for ensuring the safety and quality of many processes, including those in the food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries.

Without proper calibration, thermometers can give false readings that could lead to dangerous outcomes. For example, if the temperature in a food process is not correct, it can spoil or cause food poisoning. In the pharmaceutical industry, incorrect thermometer readings can lead to the improper manufacture of drugs. In chemical processes, erroneous thermometer readings can result in dangerous reactions. As such, it is clear that thermometer calibration is crucial for maintaining safety and quality standards in many industries.

GMS Instruments Service Technicians are factory trained at SIKA to perform the best possible thermometer and temperature calibrations. By being factory trained, we are an official service partner of SIKA, WIKA and TUVO instruments regarding thermometer calibration and temperature certification.

Temperature calibrators

Our lab uses only the best temperature calibrators to ensure the most accurate results. The TP 1765 and TPTP3M165E temperature calibrators are industry leaders in temperature calibration. With these temperature calibrators, we can provide international traceable certificates. The temperature calibrators that we use are dry block temperature calibrators, which result in the most accurate calibration. If you need temperature calibration services, you can trust that our lab will provide you with the most accurate and reliable results. With our calibrators, we can support temperature ranges of -33°C up to 165°C.

Calibration with German accuracy

With a rich service and maintenance history, temperature calibration has been one of the cornerstones of GMS Instruments Service Center. When it comes down to the calibration and certification of thermometers, we work with the highest accuracy possible. In partnership with SIKA, we test your temperature instrumentation with the best calibration tools possible.


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