360° Product Care

360° Product Care

An instrument is more than just a product.

Over the past years, GMS Instruments developed its total service package. With a growing demand from various customers and the market in terms of service, we have developed a unique and all-in-one service solution for our customers; 360° Product Care.

An instrument is more than an ordinary product. It consists of several parts, some fragile, some robust. Besides the technical part, it can affect your process or product. We all know this, but not everyone knows the importance of these parts. Most instruments require expert care and quality spare parts. This combination is what GMS Instruments can offer, support and less administrative handlings to our customers. We make sure your instrument stays healthy and gets the necessary services that it requires. With care, we mean that the instrument is operational and running according to all international standards.

Our 360° Product Care service is built out of seven individual GMS Instruments services. Every 360° Product Care service starts with a pick up of the instruments on site. With picking up your instrumentation, with this fast and reliable transportation is guaranteed. If requested, we replace your product with a temporary instrument to prevent downtime. After the inspection at our Service Center, our Service Technician will contact you to discuss the options. After your approval, maintenance with original spare parts only, and calibration according to international standards will take place. Your instrument will be redelivered, including the needed international calibration certificates at the agreed location.


  • Minimum downtime
  • Condition-based maintenance
  • Calibration and certification according to international regulations
  • Original spare parts nothing else
  • Increased productivity due to reduced administrative operations
  • Cost transparency



The ultimate service

Our 360° has initially been created and developed for one of our biggest shipping customers with a fleet of over 25 vessels. They only had one issue; A global fleet with instruments that require periodic service.

We came up with a system that tracks every instrument separately and signals the shipyard automatically that an instrument is reaching its expiry date of, i.e. its calibration report and therefore requires service. In cooperation with the customer, we select a service date when the vessel is in or near the port of Rotterdam. The instruments will be collected of the ship and wholly calibrated, certified or repaired returned in time to the ship.

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