Pressure Calibration

Why pressure calibration

GMS Instruments is the official service HUB for many of our represented brands

Pressure calibration is the type of calibration that is, as the name suggests, meant for calibrating various pressure instrumentation such as pressure gauges, sensors, switches and transmitters. With a growing demand for raw materials, resulting in price adjustments every few weeks and exploded delivery times, circularity and extending the lifetime of instrumentation have become more and more of a topic in the maritime and industrial sectors. With pressure calibration, the safety of your process, personnel as pressure devices is checked and certified by qualified and factory-trained engineers at GMS Instruments.

Pressure calibrating your instrumentation guarantees that the tested instrumentation functions accordingly to the manufacturer’s accuracy levels. Regularly tested and calibrated pressure gauges, for example, are critical to ensure that your equipment is functioning correctly. Many internationally recognised (sector) organisations, such as the IMO, require that necessary measurement instrumentation be tested and calibrated regularly. The producing manufacturer also advises this.

Why calibrate at GMS Instruments

GMS Instruments is the official service HUB for many of our represented brands. All our engineers are factory trained by WIKA, Riken Keiki, AMOT and more. With our renovated service centre in 2023, our in-house facility’s instrumentation and pressure calibrators are state-of-the-art and guarantee high accuracy. Every pressure calibration report provides international traceable certification. Ask our specialist for more info.

  • Official service partner
  • Factory trained technicians
  • International tracable certificates
  • Newest Tradinco, Fluke and WIKA calibration equipment

The pressure calibrator

The pressure calibrator at GMS Instruments is produced by Tradinco and combined with the technology of WIKA. All pressure gauges can be calibrated in-house with an accuracy class of 0,02 % FS. Even digital pressure gauges can be calibrated at our Service Center. With multiple pressure sensors for accuracy and a larger range, we’re able to calibrate the following:

  • -1 bar (vacuum pressure)
  • 1 … 10 bar
  • 0 … 1.000 bar

Pressure gauge calibration

Pressure gauges are more durable and accurate today than 10 years ago. But the gauges still lose their accuracy over time. This is when a pressure gauge starts to drift or deviate. Drift means that the instruments slowly become less accurate than the manufacturer has initially approved for them. That’s why pressure gauge calibration is essential for staff safety and the process. Regular pressure gauge calibration is often recommended before installation, as part of a preventative maintenance initiative, during shutdowns, and during annual ISO audits.

For more information on pressure gauge calibration, please read our blog on how to calibrate your pressure gauge in 4 steps.

Calibration for all types of gauges

The calibration and certification of pressure gauges have been in GMS Instruments DNA for over 50 years now. With the newest calibration instrumentation from WIKA, FLUKE and others, we are able to perform pressure calibration on all types of pressure gauges.

Whether it may concern a high-accuracy digital pressure gauge calibration or ”regular” pressure gauges, we calibrate to the manufactures standards. All pressure calibrations come with official and international traceable certifications.

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