It is the people of GMS Instruments who give meaning to our service

In the demanding world, we operate in handling time is vital. To be a valuable partner to organisations, we are aware of the services that are important in our market.

It is the people of GMS Instruments who give meaning to our service. By assembling, repairing and calibrating technical equipment. And by understanding the value when they provided excellently, or service works. Because we are an authorised repair/ maintenance partner of most of the brands we represent, original spare parts are directly usable from stock.

Authorised repairer and maintenance partner

GMS Instruments is a certified and factory-trained partner for repairs and maintenance of your instrumentation by;

Manufacturer trained

All our service technicians are schooled and trained by our manufacturers before starting reparations on your instruments. Because all our service technicians are certified for the jobs they do, we can guarantee the same quality as the original manufacturer.

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Curious if your product can be fixed

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